Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Portraits

Before running our usual weekend errands, Juston and I spent some time yesterday attempting to get our two canine children to pose for a picture with me in the living room of our apartment. Because the photo will be used on a professional company website, it was important that all three subjects in the photograph were in focus, within the frame, and at least pretending to look happy. We never imagined our pursuit for one picture to turn into a hectic, hour-long ordeal. Below you will find some, but not all, of our photo session outtakes and the commentary we imagine our models would have provided. (Yes, we are THOSE PEOPLE who speak to and for our dogs. Trust us, it makes life WAY more fun) 

Photo Session Outtakes
Featuring: Juston - the patient photographer
Myself - the patient mom
 Jackson - the conversationalist
Bella - the diva
"Alright, family. Smileeee." - Juston
"Waaaaait, I don't have my lipgloss on." - Bella
"Chicks. So typical." - Jax

"Now. Now. Take it now." - Me
"But they have pouty faces and an underbite." - Juston

"Ok, try it now." - Me
"We've got a but itch and a firm hold on the underbite" - Juston

"Turn ON the FLASH, Dad." - Jax

"Mom, can't we just chill? It's Sunday." - Bella

"WHY so many pictures?" - Jax

"Got it. I'll shut up now." - Jax

"I'm sorry, but this is just getting hilarious" - Jax
"Speak for yourself." - Bella

"My eyes are burning from holding them open" - Bella

Apparently so are mine.

"Whoa, Mom. That last picture of you was whack." - Jax

"This angle is SO much better" - Jax

"Gah, this feels really good." - Jax
"Gah, he's so annoying." - Bella

Pause for the cause.
Puppy kisses break.

"Looking good team. Just a few more" - Juston

"I feel a sneeze coming on" - Bella

"Whew, excuse me. That was a snotty one" - Bella
"You're sick." - Jax

The room went silent.
(Credit: the power of treat-hyponsis)

Some fifty pictures, a few choice words and a handful of dog treats later, Juston was finally able to score these two gems. The furry models were a little cranky at this point, but I think it's safe to say these we're the better two photos of our Sunday portrait endeavor.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog - Round 2

Howdy, Folks!

Remember us?  We were the noggins behind Two Texans in Deutschland, a blog dedicated to chronicling our journey abroad for six months.  We now welcome you to our new blog, The Life of Two Texans.  After returning from an extended “mini-retirement” we took across the pond, Juston and I and have settled (sort of) into a one-bedroom apartment in the hot and humid city of Houston, Texas. In the short time that we’ve been stateside, we have booked a venue for our wedding next June, placed an offer on a home, and reunited with our families, some friends, and our sweet furbabies Jackson and Bella. Wowzers, it’s time for a drink!

But instead, we thought it would be a fun time to initiate another blogging website. (Don’t misunderstand me, the drinks will be had, but following the conclusion of this post. J) Anyway, Juston and I both have found great pleasure in sharing our travels and our stories from around Europe for the past months. We have found even more pleasure in the fact that there have been actual people reading what we write. No joke, there have been living and breathing human beings reading about our lives and our adventures together. That’s crazy cool and we are crazy appreciative!

So, as we embark on a new journey in life, we thought it would only be appropriate to invite you along once again. From planning our wedding and buying our first home to starting up our own fitness and nutrition business, this blog will serve as a creative outlet that will merge our deepest passions. In The Life of Two Texans, we plan to share information on fitness, nutrition, travel, do-it-yourself projects, techniques to spoil your Labradors (or any pets), and helpful hints to live a fulfilling and ridiculously happy life.

We hope you join us!

P.S. If you have been living under a rock for the past six months, or just now took an interest in our journey abroad, feel free to head on over to Two Texans in Deutschland to catch up on what we've been up to. Perhaps we can tickle your fancy.