Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shooting for the Stars...

One of my favorite parables from the Bible to read over and over again is ‘The Parable of Talents’ from the book of Matthew in Chapter 25. As a Christian and naturally curious and introspective human being, I am constantly pondering the meaning of life and to what extent I am bringing value to the life I’ve been given.
It is when reading this parable that I grasp the sense of “life purpose” clarity I often desire. In short, this parable serves to remind me and anyone who reads it that as Christians we are given a certain number of unique gifts (talents) and opportunities to serve God in our everyday lives, in our careers, in our relationships, etc.. And we can either choose to waste those opportunities or INVEST them in a way that furthers the kingdom.
With that belief stirring up something in our souls, Juston and I are thrilled to share with you our next venture and passion project that we conveniently dubbed: Dosser Design & Decor. If you have stumbled upon our projects on your social media feeds or followed us via our Life of Two Texans blog, you are well aware of our serious love/small addiction for creating, renovating, decorating, and all similar synonyms pertaining to making a house a home. To us, loving where you live is everything. It’s your safe-haven.
Home is where we live, love, laugh, celebrate, dream, pray, play, gather, heal, and grow.
“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” - Maya Angelou
It is through Dosser Design & Decor that we want to use what we believe to be our God-given talents to help inspire others to fall in love with making their house a home. We hope to expand on our original blog idea by launching a website that serves as an outlet to share our Do-It-Yourself Projects, Custom Furniture Design, Repurposing, Renovations, and Hand Selected Home Decor finds. Additionally, we would love to also supplement our site with devotions, scriptures, and praise.
All of this was prompted and encouraged by ‘The Parable of Talents’ I mentioned in the beginning of this post. We have a long way to go in all of this as we are still in the planning process of what this venture will fully involve. But, we were certain of one thing. We had to do it. We had to put action behind our words and manifest our purpose. We had to step out in faith. As husband and wife, we share a passion for renovating, decorating, and breathing life into a home. Our passions are no coincidence. Dreaming, creating, and taking on new adventures in life is what makes us feel alive. We had to take the leap. God has placed these interests on our hearts and provided us the talent and ability to complete them. This ability is his gift to us, and in this New Year, we want to honor God by using our abilities to bless, serve, and connect with others.
In that same spirit, we have also secured a retail location that will serve as a place to share and sell some of our handmade furniture and home decor items beginning in February of 2015. We would be blessed to have you join us in our journey and invite you to “Like” our new page:
Sending love and good vibes to you all in 2015! May we each be brave and open our hearts to new adventures and opportunities!
Marissa & Juston
Joshua 24:15 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Home Tour


Howdy, Y'all!

We are the Dosser Family (Marissa & Juston) and this is our very first Holiday House Tour and Link Party to be participating in. We are so appreciative to Jennifer Rizzo for offering such a platform party and we genuinely appreciated any tour views we may get from this connection.

Serving as both a disclaimer and introduction of sorts, both my husband and I are NEWBIES when it comes to home blogging. I have always enjoyed blogging and chronicling our life and travels, but it wasn't until recently (after becoming newlyweds and purchasing our first home) did the idea of chronicling our restoration/fix up/DIY attempts surface.

Since moving into our 1980 humble abode in September of 2013, we have completed multiple DIY projects and renovations that have greatly improved our home both aesthetically and structurally. But as I mentioned, this whole home-related blogging is new territory for us and wrangling up the deets on all of our projects and taking quality pictures will take time (did I mention we are newbies?) Haha

All of that to say, we ask that you please have mercy on our less-than-stellar photography skills, grainy photos, and lack of adequate natural lighting in our home. Like everyone else, we are a work in progress and so is our home.

But seriously, if I haven't already lost you by now, I will stop rambling and let the tour commence :)

Our Living Room & Guest Bathroom Touches:

Living Room  touches featuring our DIY TV Console Table:

I love burlap, creams, and neutral palettes 
(Pssss...Those snowflake ornaments were $1.50 from Walmart - A steal!)

 Christmas tree and a peek at our DIY Rustic Ladder:

 Small Guest Bathroom with our DIY Rustic Ladder:

DIY Planter Box for Dining Room Table & DIY Deer Mount:

Our Master Bedroom with Burlap Runner, Mini Christmas Trees, and our DIY Distressed Headboard (seeing a trend here?)

Front Door Entryway View & Entry Table Decor:

 Kitchen Touches with Distressed Pantry Door

Cocoa bar touches set up on our Dining Room Buffet Table:

 Merry Christmas Y'all!
Thanks for peeping & Happy Decorating :)