Friday, August 14, 2015

Our UPDATED Kitchen Tour

Up until recently, our kitchen was the room in our home *most* neglected and *least* photographed. I love our home and I’m proud of everything we've done to it in the nearly two years we’ve lived here,but our kitchen area has been the hardest area for me to tackle thus far. Mostly in the sense that I just lacked inspiration. Prior to moving into this home, Juston and I agreed that this was not going to be our “forever” home, or a home that would even live in for 5+ years. It was simply going to be our starting home. One to get us off our feet, begin our marriage in, and bring our first born home to. It’s a home that was built in the 1980s and despite some of its outdated features, I absolutely love it. I love that it’s ours, and I love that is has been the perfect canvas for our creativity. It has been so much fun to make this house our home - especially since it’s been something we’ve done together! (all the bickering over paint color and nail placement has really strengthened our marriage :)  )

But I digress, what was I saying? Oh yea, this kitchen was a toughie! When we had made the agreement that this was merely our starter home, I understood that meant we would be doing little to no MAJOR overhauls or demolitions in this house. And that was perfectly fine with me! I love focusing on the cosmetic and aesthetic touches that can be done with a little elbow grease throughout a home. Which, as a matter a fact, was all this kitchen really needed. Yes, it came with popcorn ceilings, dim lighting, black appliances, outdated cabinets, dark paint on the walls, and tile countertops that we aren’t necessarily in love with, but it’s OURS, and it’s workable. We could do the best we could with what we had…we just needed a little inspiration.

(Insert Pregnancy Here)…..which subsequently then brought on my full on crazy “nesting” mode. Nesting….look it up. It’s a thing! Once I found out I was pregnant and that there would be another human occupying this home, it was all the inspiration and motivation I needed to get in gear to finally tackle the lagging projects on my to-do list. Cue…DIY project planning & farmhouse decor shopping galore! READ: But always always staying within our means. I am a budget friendly home stylist. Breaking the bank for home decor just ain’t my thing. If I don’t find what I want, at the price I want, I usually just end up making it. And by that I mean, my hubz gets involved ;)

Fast forwarding —— I LOVE our kitchen like crazy now - despite its poor lighting! And the best news is, it’s DONE!…Our overall changes to the kitchen include but is not limited to: adding a stainless steel refrigerator, repurposed and painted farmhouse pantry door, added a coffee bar, built a kitchen console buffet table for extra storage, replaced the fluorescent lighting with track lighting, created a memo and recipe board from an old screen door and chicken wire, and repurposed an a boring bakers rack into a stylish farmhouse shelving unit. Fun decor filled in the rest of the holes. 

Enough of my talking - please feel free to take a peek at our Before & Afters.



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