Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Guest Bedroom Accommodations

Because our bun in the oven is due in 6 weeks, J and I hosted family at our house throughout this holiday season. Before their cute faces arrived at our doorstop, I wanted to add few things to the guest bedroom in order to add a little comfort and help accommodate their needs. With some scrap shiplap we had in our garage, we were able to build a sweet little shelving unit with hangers for bathroom towels. In addition to that quick DIY project, I created a little vanity area atop a vintage sewing table with cotton balls, Q-tips, and a yummy smelling candle nestled in a salvaged kitchen tray. A luggage stool, laundry basket, and ottoman were also added to our small guest room. In the end, I love how cozy, yet functional it turned out to be! Hope you like it, too!


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