Friday, January 8, 2016

Baby Boy Nursery - Rustic Inspired

Lawson Thomas Dosser's
Rustic-Inspired Nursery
Projected Due Date: Feb. 6, 2016

For all decor sources - please send inquires on Instagram @lifeoftwotexans
I'm be happy to share!


  1. Please get a new crib.I had that same crib 38 years ago and came in to find my climber had gotten over the end finial and was hanging on her nightgown.I managed to save her but the crib was burned the next day.

  2. Please do not show photos of pillows in cribs. Those pillows are very unsafe and some naive parents may believe that it's ok because they saw them on Pinterest. Pillows are not good for any type of crib. I like your style but that's not worth it.

  3. Some people are so negative. It's not her job to make sure people know the rules of their own lives. Very very cute nursery!

  4. Hello i really want to know where you got this crib? I would love to get one

  5. Where did you get the dresser?

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