Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Favorite Things of March: New Mom & Baby Edition + Links to Buy

Miracle Blanket - Swaddle. Swaddle. Swaddle for sound sleep!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles - Baby seems to like these best + prevent swallowing air

Gerber Smooth (probiotic) + Vitamin D - I drop in bottle prior to nighttime feeding

Bouncer - Inexpensive & allows momma to work/shower while baby relaxes

Honest Diapers - Great coverage and no chemical smell like other brands

Diaper Bag - Love this! Lots of room and compartments for easy-to-grab wipes, changing pad, and even has an insulated pouch for bottles

Projector + White Noise - Projects multiple images and has quite a few different noise options to help Lawson sleep. We’ve been set on the ‘Beach Wave’ option for weeks!

Boba Wrap/Baby Bjorn - Boba wrap is great because it gives the baby that “in the womb” feel and keep him/her skin on skin. The Baby Bjorn is great, too, and is a snap to put on. I like using it during the warm weather, so you and baby aren’t sweating on one another.

Bottle Warmer - Although our son doesn’t mind his bottle milk being cold straight from the refrigerator, we do use this warmer from time to time. It’s easy as pie to use and it gets the job done for the inexpensive price. 

When you're wanting to go hands-free and multitask while you pump! I ordered this from Amazon (Size Med) and it has been such a great help to be able to work on my computer while also pumping meals for my baby. One day I even pumped while getting ready doing my hair and makeup. Hands-free is the way to be ;)

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