Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY: Rustic Entryway

So naturally, I got the brilliant idea of creating a small entryway and coat rack AFTER the winter weather has come and gone through Texas and JUST IN TIME for the approaching heat wave. Makes sense, right?

I mean, coat racks CAN hold more than coats. Beach towels, purses, leashes, you name it. There needed to be a gathering place for all of those items and I had just the perfect blank space to make it happen for less than $50. Here's how:

1.) Saw this cute cream bench at HomeGoods one day sitting all by its lonesome on a back corner shelf marked 'CLEARANCE'. Originally $60, the bench was marked down to $25 for having the broken cross-bar. No problem - into the cart it went! Brought it home, flipped it over, and removed both cross-bars so I could slide my reclaimed barn wood crate underneath to house our living room blankets. It fit perfectly in the space!

2) Next - I was out on the hunt for a two-for-one coat rack and shelving unit. I wanted to be able to hang items, while also having the option of a shelf for pictures or display items. I looked around at a few places, purchased a total of three units, but ended up settling on this one from Hobby Lobby for about $20 with my coupon.

3) To add some character to the shelf, I went ahead and also snagged some numbered stencils from Hobby Lobby (around $3) and used some craft paint I had to bring the numbers to life. *Side Note* - I'm not sure when the vintage numbers trend started to become all the rage, but I am loving it. I'll always know I have a total of "5" hooks on my entryway - should I ever forget ;)

4) Ta-Da! That's it! Once the coat rack was up on the wall and the bench seat was in place, all I did was add a couple of our photos and jackets that had been previously draped over our bar stools.

It was such a fun and inexpensive project to complete, and I really think it added some flavor (and function!) to the room ~~ Can't wait to see your entryway spaces!


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  1. Love this! I've dragged your brother into Homegoods a few times now - always for little purchases, but maybe after June we'll brave the furniture (and clearance!) section for some major scores!