Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Women Inspiration: Joanna Gaines

Last fall, I treated my mom and me to tickets to Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Fall Workshop in Waco, TX. Along with learning some fun ideas for fall decor, the workshop also included Joanna personally sharing the testimony featured in this video (posted below). 

To be honest, I teared up the moment she spoke our Lord’s name. Along with the welling tears, I had goosebumps up and down my arms and legs when she mentioned the connection between her faith and her professional success. To her, there was and is no separation. God is near to everything she does. God put an amazing call on her life, and because she recognizes the God given talents she has been given, she uses her life and her gifts to honor Him. Wow! I was so moved, so inspired. If it weren’t the least bit creepy, I would have sprung out of my chair and thrown my arms around her for a good ole sisters-in-christ-lets-hug-because-you-get-me sort of thing. But again, that would have been creepy, so I just stayed in my chair and smiled a smile so HUGE that (unintentionally) wound up being creepy anyway.

You see, I knew I loved Joanna before this workshop, but good lawd, after hearing her speak about our savior, putting him first in life and following his will, my obsession was at an all time high. I ADORE women like her. Women who “get it” and are humble enough to see all the amazing, amazing things God has put in front of them. Things that they couldn’t have possibly done by their own power. Women who not only see those blessings, but act on those blessings, and take nothing for granted. Not a day. Not a moment. Not a second. Women who aren’t afraid to leap out of bed in the morning with insane enthusiasm and look forward to brining him glory in the that day. Women who grasp the concept of how short life is, and appreciate the precious gifts of sunrises and sunsets. With each waking moment, women who try to be the best they can and do all that they can, but sometimes fail at doing it all - unapologetically. Women who own it and may fall flat on their face, but always know there is something bigger and better right around corner. 

And on the contrary, women who soar in their daily and professional lives, but never get too big for their britches and remember to give credit where credit is due. (Ie…throwing up the Hallelujah praise Jesus hands! ) Most of all - I love, admire, and am inspired by women who take risk. I’m talkin’ outlandish “why-is-she-doing-that-throwing-caution-to-the-wind-and-just-GOING FOR IT” type of women. Whatever transpires, win or lose, women who live courageously knowing that God is going to be there to guide them, protect them, prosper them, and catch them if they fall. That’s the type of woman I aspire to be every day of my fleeting life. Fearless and Full of Faith. 
What type of people are you inspired by?

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